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VARI-TECH works with Facility and Consultant Engineers from product suitability to construction details. Our educated corporate inside staff work with procurement and contractor estimators in bid preparation and product specification compliance. Our technical field engineers average 16 years experience!

Start-up installation is standard on every project. Qualified Sales Engineers ensure that the installation contractor understands the correct methods to install our products. VARI-TECH will help in the selection of qualified installing contractors to ensure a quality installation.


Frank V. Carioti, Ph.D.
U.S. General Manager,

Mr. Frank V. Carioti, Ph.D. has over 30 years of experience in specification engineering experience and has a strong background in thermoplastic piping materials. He has participated in many technical associations including serving on the NY Technical Committee of Association of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE). Mr. Carioti is credited for the groundbreaking of many original HDPE pipe applications. The current widespread use of HDPE manholes and pump stations in the industrial arena can be traced back to specifications and designs written for IBM, Eastman Kodak, and several sanitary landfills. He also initiated the first statewide specification (New York) for the use of HDPE pipes for culvert rehab in the U.S. Mr. Carioti was also one of the original designers of Plexco's (Chevron) Dual-contained HDPE pipe. He is recognized in North America as a dual-containment pipe expert and served as Speaker/Moderator for the International Symposium of Underground Construction Technology (UCT) in 2008. He has a Ph.D. degree in Quantitative Organization and Management and an MBA in Marketing.

William "Bill" Haines, P.E.,
U.S. Director or Engineering

William "Bill" Haines, P.E. has over 30 years of experience in specification and engineering design experience. Mr. Haines began his piping career in traditional piping materials (steel, concrete, prestressed pipe). Mr. Haines is a past President of the Northeast Trenchless Association. He is also a member of WEF/NEWEA and ASCE. Mr. Haines has pioneered the use of large diameter HDPE pipe for underground foul air systems (odor control) and is recognized as an expert in this field within North America. He supervised the design of several deep burial (up to 82') 120" pump stations. These HDPE structures are thought to be the largest ever designed and installed in North America. Mr. Haines has worked tirelessly to educate end users and engineers on the virtues of HDPE materials during the last two decades. Mr. Haines has an MBA along with a Civil Engineering degree and is licensed in several states.